wild places

A lane in March


March. Finally back to reasonable health as the weather decides to return to winter. But in the lane there’s no mistaking the surge of energy as the new spring growth begins.

At first the tiniest of buds appear on the bare blackthorn twigs. And then, the huge pleasure of seeing the first blossom flowers open on the sunniest branches in the lane. It begins high up in the hedge where the sun reaches early in the day, and then, gradually the blossom begins to appear further and further along the lane.

It’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the hedgerow, white with flowers against the dark branches and the yellowy lichens. But look down for a while and there you’ll find celandines, dog violets, and dandelions all pushing up to the light.

And in the trees, pussy willow, the first leaves on the crab apple tree and the tight buds on oak, hazel and ash.



If you haven’t been here before, I should just say that most mornings, I walk the same route in the countryside near our home, with our rather antisocial rescue dog, noticing the seasonal changes, chatting with a particular oak tree and taking the odd load of photos (one of which I usually post to Instagram later in the afternoon or evening). If you use Instagram, you can find me here. Do say hello and leave a comment, it would be lovely to meet you there.


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