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A lane in July


The frenetic energy of May has subsided into more of a constant hum. The brambles now find their feet and produce a huge profusion of flowers. Yarrow makes its first appearance at the Thinking Gate for this season. I spend minutes watching the flowerheads of the hogweeds, there’s always life to see - tiny insects, busy about their work and a mass of delicate petals, too small to attract much attention, but exquisite. The thistles are my favourites at the moment, with their outrageous pinky purple pompoms, although the burdock is trying to compete.

In the hedge I can see hazelnuts. More than I’ve noticed in previous years. Will we get to eat any or will the squirrels take them? My money is on the squirrels. And acorns are forming on the oaks. And all is right with the world.


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Anny PawleyComment