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A lane in August


I know it’s not a popular position, but I tend to think that autumn begins in August. Even though this year we experienced a spell of extremely hot days towards the end of the month, nevertheless, it felt different. There’s some aspect of the air that changes. One day you are walking outside and it feels hot and languid, the next there’s a chill to the early morning breeze and it feels to me as if nature gently exhales, begins to relax and let autumn in.

In the lane the autumn fruits are developing. Hips and haws, blackberries and still some hazelnuts. But looking at the blackthorn, I can see almost no sloes at all. In fact last week I counted 8 in total along perhaps 25 yards of hedge. So no chance of sloe gin this year.

There are apples up on the crab apple tree, waiting for the wind. And still plenty of acorns - a good year for the oaks.

Already this month I’ve seen large mushrooms in the hedgerow, surely harbingers of autumn.


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Anny PawleyComment