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A lane in September


I sometimes think September is proof that Mother Nature enjoys a joke.

It’s that month when you can guarantee whatever the weather when you set out on the morning walk, forty-five minutes later it will have done a complete turnabout. I’ve lost count of the days this month when I’ve left the house in jumper and fleece and still felt quite chilly, only to reach the Thinking Gate (roughly half way around our route) and be stripping off the layers as it is now over twenty degrees.

But it has been a lovely month. Even the rain which has now arrived has been very welcome after a long period of dry days.

In the lane the bracken is rapidly turning pale and brown. The blackberries are still putting on an amazing show, which compensates for the almost total lack of sloes. There are hips and haws aplenty.

I saw mushrooms in the wood last week.

But best of all has been the morning light through the trees. It shines through the leaves, giving them a rich luminosity which I’m sure inspires my addiction to stained glass windows and pours a kind of magic through the branches. The shadows are lengthening and the energy is changing again.

In the lane the trees are still green. Barely a hint of gold on the oaks or the ashes, but the crabapple trees are dropping their fruit and leaves. The blackthorn is beginning to show it’s spiny structure again. Autumn is here but it’s still playing the overture.


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