wild places

The week in the lane...


This week, November slipped into December.

And typically, we’ve had blue skies, grey skies, sharp frost and rain.

Going out early and catching the first rays of the sun as it creeps out from behind the trees, or being the first human to crunch on the pristine frost carpet are simple pleasures.


The kite flew over me this morning. But he’s camera-shy (or I’m just too good at being ‘just-too-late’ with the camera. And twice this week I’ve seen two magpies together. Are you superstitious? Maybe, maybe not, but after the first sighting, later that day I sold a piece of my artwork…x

Every morning (well almost), I walk the Delinquent Dog along the same route, through a wood, across a field, along a country lane and back into woodland. Day in and day out, watching the seasons roll around, observing the tiny changes and feeling the light.

It’s a mundane magic.