Nestled into a crease in the Cotswolds near Chipping Campden, is a treasure of the Arts & Crafts Movement which lives on today, as glorious and as delicate as it has ever been - Hidcote Manor Gardens. A visit to Hidcote at any time of year will reveal a series of intricately designed outdoor 'rooms' - secret spaces filled with a glorious mixture of foliage textures and exquisite colours.

A maze of narrow paths and tiny bridges leads you through the enchanted garden, twisting this way and that, disorientating you, drawing you into its magical spell.

After visiting Hidcote this piece of needlepoint insisted on being stitched. In it are twists, spirals, leaves - the textures so mesmerisingly blended in the garden, it's those textures that speak to me most even now many months later.

As is often the case, I began this piece drawing a simple line, this time the letter 'H' - can you see it? And once it was begun, inspiration filled in the rest.