golden forest I & II


How far back in time does our relationship with woodland extend? If we are descended from early species of tree-dwellers, perhaps we've always been closely aligned with them. Certainly they feature throughout the mythologies and fairy-tales.

To walk through a forest while the sun shines adds a magical dimension. The fleeting catch of dust motes in the light, the sun rays powering through the branch canopy, the sun itself, glimpsed between trees. Who has walked this way and not wondered if Titania or Oberon might be watching them, or is Puck sitting on a branch, waiting to play a trick on you.

Golden Forest I & II were created together, a diptych of unequal parts. Made by taking strips of exquisite saffron yellow recycled sari silks, fragments of other silk and organza fabrics and stitching them together using the simplest running stitches and couching into and over a natural cotton crash loose weave canvas.

A variety of metallic threads glint under lamplight or flickering candles. Look into the distance and who knows what you will see.

stitcheryAnny PawleyComment