Stitchery Contacts

stitchery contacts


The world of textile art is a rich and fascinating place…

If you're looking for inspiration to get you started on your own stitchiness, thinking about trying something new or simply browsing textile loveliness you may want to visit some of the people and groups listed here. 

Of course this list is only nibbling at the edges of what's actually out there and there will undoubtedly be many people missing from the page. If you're looking at the names and screaming 'but what about so-and-so!!!' please let me know and I'll add them on. This is not intended to be comprehensive, just stepping stones.

And so, in no particular order...

Art Van Go (Hold a wide range of workshops throughout the year. Very well thought of amongst the textile community and using excellent tutors) 

Alice Fox

Angie Hughes

Linda Kemshall (DMTV)

Stephanie Redfern  - a huge source of resources for textile artists.

Rachel Wright

Bobby Britnell

Gina Ferrari

Amanda Hislop

Gwen Hedley 

Cas Holmes

Claire Wellesley Smith 

Hilary Beattie

Kim Thittichai

Michala Gyetvai

Dionne Swift

Maria Boyle

Society for Embroidered Work

62 Group