beneath our feet

beneath our feet


beneath our feet...

This is perhaps the most ethereal piece I've ever made, if I hold the canvas up to the light, it's almost diaphanous, place it against a wall and colours begin to glow, bronzes, coppers, greens and golds. Move around and the colours change.

The British Isles have been inhabited for many thousands of years, but we know very little about the early people who've left us enigmatic traces of their lives in standing stones, stone circles, long straight causeways marked with stones.

I am constantly intrigued by these people. What were their lives actually like? But more importantly, how did they feel, what did they believe. Why, oh why did they build these structures, what should we learn from them? What do we carry inside ourselves within our hearts or within our minds that has come down to us through countless generations from those people who went to such troubles to create their monuments. How much of them is in us now?

Beneath Our Feet is a stitch meditation on the archetypes of the circle and the standing stone. I draw an affinity in the repetition of stitches with the pacing of routes around stones or along causeways. Our ancestors walked the same land that we tread upon, layers of time separate us, but in essence we are in the same place. How will our descendants think of us...