Ann Pawley

I make art with stitches, wander country lanes watching the hedgerow change with the seasons and lust over ruined castles, abbeys and stone circles... 

Slow Artist

Everything I make is hand-stitched, so I confidently refer to myself as a slow-stitcher. The process of creating art in this gentle manner is every bit as important to me as the finished piece, the time and thoughts that I stitch into each work are integral.

Many of the works are what I call 'my meditation pieces', their designs coming to me from the process, from being absorbed in the stitching, from being in the flow.

And like all artists, I draw inspiration from various sources, but the recurring themes in my life are a deep connection to the land and old places, to nature in her guise of the turning year and to celebrating the play of light through colour.

Sketchbooks have never really worked for me, but a spellbook feels more appropriate, after all stitching has long been held to be an alchemical process - a transformative ritual. 

So here are photos from my daily walks in the countryside, from visits to ancient sites, and from everyday life. I throw these into the melting pot of my imagination along with words, thoughts and questions. I've no idea where inspiration really begins, so instead I think of this as my cauldron of inspiration. I offer little pieces of my life, breathe my wishes over them and see what transpires, if I'm lucky, sometimes something stitchy will result.

I hope you may find something here that ignites your imagination.

Anny x