Back again!

…in which we waft an elegant hand over the previous seven months and hope you haven’t missed us…


Yesterday was the Autumn Equinox - the moment when day and night were of equal length, the turning point as we now move into the darker months of autumn and winter. I love this time of year, I seem to connect to a new creative energy - hopefully more than simply a throwback to school days - so it seemed the right time to rejoin the blogosphere and once again weave my thread into the wonderful web of connections.

What’s she been up to?

Sorry to admit, but there has been no great secret project, no private commision or tale of exotic travels. Truth is, life caught up with me. The things that are totally normal, health issues, family growing up, menopause et al, just ate all my energy. I had thought that the experience of losing my hair a year ago was ‘the lesson’ and I’d bounced back, but actually I think now it was just the introduction to a new journey, the first stop but not the final destination.

I could go on and on, but everyone’s spiritual journey is their own, so rather than bore you with my story, I’ll just say that I think and hope I’m looking at life slightly differently these days. Perhaps my priorities have changed.


I still stitch for England and I still go weak at the knees for old places.

So, while I’ve been absent from here, I have wielded my needle with a vengeance - some of it has been successful and some of it has hit the ‘thus far and no further’ pile.

And I have had a mammoth session of visits to old places - which if I ever really get myself organised I will add to the Old Pages here - although please don’t hold your breath on that one. Suffice to say I have zillions of photos from Kilpeck, Hook Norton, Goodrich Castle, Hereford Cathedral, Packwood House, Canon’s Ashby, Hanbury Hall, Ickworth, Pembrokeshire, Croft Castle, Haddon Hall, Tissington Hall and Amsterdam…and quite a few others. They’re all waiting for me to do something with them and who knows, maybe I will.

And yes, I’m still walking the Delinquent Dog on our regular morning route through the wood, down the lane and across the field. There are pictures from each month over here if you’re interested in watching the seasons change, or you can see them on Instagram most days if that’s your thing.


Now, it’s confession time…

A few weeks ago I noticed that I was running out of linen scrim which I use as a base layer for most of my work, so I went online to order some more. Well, while I was browsing the website, I spotted some rather nice looking hessian. Anyone who has known me since the Dreaming In Stitches days will know that that’s where I started, with needlepoint in hessian. But it’s been some years now since I stitched any ‘pure’ needlepoint.

And I don’t know why, but it just suddenly seemed to call to me and I ordered a couple of metres.

When it arrived, all I can say is, I fell in love with it all over again.

So, for the time being, I am immersing myself once more in needlepoint. It’s recent, so I can’t tell if this is a love affair that will last, there is of course the advice about not returning to your ex. But…?

From the still admittedly small number of hours I’ve given it, I’d have to say it feels like coming home. I realised that the creative process is much slower in this method. I can work inch by inch rather than ‘seeing’ a much wider picture, letting it speak to me as we go along. Perhaps it’s just that I need to work at this pace at the moment. I’m not sure where it’s taking me. But in the spirit of trying to go with the flow and stop myself from needing to be in control, this might just be the lesson I have to learn right now.

Time will tell.

also concerning stitchiness…

Way back then, I was thinking about running some stitchy workshops and a number of people were kind enough to say they’d be interested in knowing more. Well of course that’s not currently happening, but I am beginning to think about ways I might be able to help anyone who would like some creative encouragement. Hand on heart I really don’t feel like a teacher of anything, but I might make a good sounding post and I can certainly provide an ear for anyone with stitchy queries.

Rather than hold workshops, I would like to arrange occasional ‘stitch-togethers’ - where people come together to stitch, maybe bring along something they’re working on or talk about ways they might develop what they’re doing - a low-key, informal and friendly session. And in that same vane, if anyone online wants to chat stitchiness, I’m really happy to be of whatever help I can.

Just putting that out there in case…x



so finally…

Right then chaps, I can feel the pull of the threads, so I’m off to pick up my needle. It’s wonderful to be back and if it’s another seven months until the next post, you have my permission to hiss.

Until next time, happy stitching.

Wishing you a joyful and peacefully uneventful week.

Anny x