A Stitchery Spellbook first entries...

Hello and thank you so much for joining me here.

Welcome to my Stitchery Spellbook.

I'm a slow-stitching textile artist who divides her time unequally and unpredictably between stitching, walking the dog, visiting old places, reading, writing, mucking out teenage daughters, cooking, cleaning and generally trying to prevent too many spinning plates hitting the floor.

Why A Spellbook?

Many artists keep sketchbooks to record their ideas and experiments, but I've never really been able to settle into a sketchbook practice. What works for me is to take lots of photographs of the things that set my creative juices bubbling, things like hedgerows, woodlands, country lanes, old ruins, castles, standing stones, stained-glass windows, gothic cathedrals, country churches, weathered stone and wild landscapes and let them all stew in the melting-pot of my imagination.

Also thrown in for good measure will be snippets of poetry, facts, thoughts, ideas, words, meditations and colours.

What the process is that takes these various ingredients, stirs them about and eventually turns them into inspiration for a piece of stitched art, well, I couldn't say. Everyone I think has their own way to describe inspiration. My particular favourite is the druidic concept of awen, but you will have your own. Could we agree that it's magic? Or at least magical...

So instead of a sketchbook, this is A Stitchery Spellbook. A place to keep those photographs, words and ideas, a place to record the events, thoughts and pictures that have slipped into the imagination and a place to show the results of the stitchiness they provoke. Perhaps they in turn will be an inspiration for you or other people to express something that's important to you too.

Whether you're a stitcher, history-junkie, wildlife-lover, wordsmith, art-lover or simply happy to dream, you are very welcome here. Please dip in and become part of the story. You can find me here, on Twitter or Instagram and I'm always delighted to say hello.

Very best wishes and happy stitching.

Anny x